Moving to Europe after Brexit

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The decision to leave the EU, lead many to believe that UK residents would reconsider moving to Europe after Brexit.

However, results from a global moving trends report, have indicated a 45% rise in move requests from European countries back to the UK

This includes those British expats looking to move back to the UK, before the rules change.

International Moving Hub have looked at what the different options are for moving to Europe and see what implications Brexit could have for people looking to move to or from the UK and here at International Moving Hub Limited we have adapted our business to offer a different type of relocation, Please see our Moving to Europe page!

We’ll also be looking ahead at what impact this is likely to have on our removals industry.


Removal companies

Once a withdrawal agreement is agreed, the UK will enter a 21-month transition period

. In this period, the UK will no longer be a member of the EU and can start official trade talks.

The existing ‘free-tariff’ trade arrangements have been beneficial for removals companies in the UK, allowing them easy access to the European market.

Unfavourable tariffs or burdensome restrictions could prove a hinderance to removal companies when moving clients to and from Europe,

For example, added paperwork and checks at land borders. Particularly if a removals vehicle must pass through various checkpoints, could create timely delays and prove costly.

It could also have the unintended consequence of making UK removals companies less competitive against European removals companies when UK residents look to move back to the UK.

Of course, the result of the trade negotiations could prove more favourable for removals companies.

However, as with most Brexit issues, they are subject to a degree of uncertainty.

Removal company workers

Freedom of movement has provided for easy access to the UK labour market. Many British companies, large and small, have benefitted from access to skilled EU workers. This includes the removals industry.

With the end of free movement this could prevent access to this skills pool for removals companies. On the other hand, it might create more working or studying opportunities for workers in the UK.

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, removals companies could be in for a busy year.

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